First Blog Post

So, the site is live and operational, now visible to both the public and search engines (though it’s still not all that easy to find without the right link or keyword). That’s already kind of a big deal for me, though I’m well aware that I’ll need to do a lot more to get this place noticed. I have some plans with regards to that, including some semi-regular blogging right here and more promotion across social media. Unfortunately, I don’t see myself having the time and the energy needed to start doing that in earnest until sometime in December or January, on account of how busy I’ll be at my day job until then.

Until then, I’ll poke at it here and there, mostly just gently reminding friends and family that this place exists, and that there are fun things here to check out for free. Hopefully that gets a little bit of word-of-mouth going and builds a bit of momentum to get things started.

I want to thank you for taking the time to check this place out, whoever you are and however you got here! If you know anyone you think might be interested in any of the projects available on here, I’d love it if you could nudge them this way, but don’t feel any pressure.

More soon!

All the best!


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