Branded Dice Tower Surprise!

My sister’s partner – DA Chabot – has been getting really into woodworking, and recently got a laser for woodcutting and logo burning for his home business making and selling boxes for the storage of fly fishing flies: He’s not much of a tabletop gamer, but I did mention to him that there’s a market out there for dice boxes and other nerdy paraphernalia, in case he was looking to diversify. I didn’t think much would come of that, forgot all about it shortly thereafter, but then – this Xmas – he presents me with THIS gorgeous thing:

Isn’t that amazing? It’s a homemade dice rolling tower! With my logo and the font and the goddamn map of Montreal?! So pretty and so thoughtful! And it works perfectly!

So yeah, kudos, DA, on winning Xmas this year, and on the beautiful and incredibly classy work you’ve been doing in crafting fishing supplies.

If you know anyone who loves fly fishing, make sure you send them to! Or order them something from the site and surprise them!

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