I live in Montréal/Tio’tia:ke, and I’m fortunate enough to be married to the incredible conceptual artist Emily Comeau. I’ve been working as a college professor of English literature for just over a decade now, using my time off every summer to work on my numerous creative projects, many of which are featured on this very site. I’m also partly responsible for two cats: Decibelle and TheNarrator, and I answer to he/him pronouns.

I’m not sure what else to include here, so I’ll just add some phrases I’ve come up with over the past couple of years in an attempt to describe my personal aesthetic and/or overall vibe:

  • Social Justice Sorcerer
  • Hedge Witch Butch
  • A Bear in the Flowers
  • Roll to Pass for Human!
  • Assassin on Vacation / Hitman on Holiday
  • Sparkly Nail Polish, Woodsy Beard Oil & a Bespoke Dice Bag
  • Touristpunk

If that’s somehow not enough for you, you can find me on social media in the following places:

I’m @PresumtuousNic on Twitter, though I hardly ever post. I know I need to figure out how to use it for promotion, and to gain valuable insights into a wide variety of perspectives on current events… but right now I’m mostly using it to yell at companies whose products and/or services have failed me. I’ll get better at it, I swear. Any minute now.

I’m @Outdoor.Arthunt on Instagram, and I post there all the time, but with a very specific mandate in mind.

Smash the Patriarchy has a Facebook Fan Page, which I co-manage with the game’s other co-creator, Emily Comeau.

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