A TABLETOP RPG SET IN YOUR HOMETOWN: grab your swords and your cellphones, folks! It’s time to solve supernatural mysteries and fight monsters to the death in the streets of wherever the heck you live!

Local & Weird is a set of rules for fantasy roleplaying with friends, pencils and dice. It’s been designed primarily for irreverent adventures in contemporary settings, but it’s more than flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety of genres, tones and worlds.

Mechanically-speaking, L&W has the following things going for it:

  1.  A character creation system that offers up a ton of choice and flexibility for optimal creativity and customization, making it easy and fun to craft and roleplay exactly the kind of character you want, in and out of combat.
  2. A robust combat system that’s simple and consistent enough to be fast and accessible, even to new players, but with enough variety and tactical depth to satisfy even insufferable veterans.
  3. A rich skills-based system for out-of-combat play that encourages and bolsters clever roleplaying and problem solving.
  4. A progression system that allows you to develop your character in any number of directions, giving you gratifying new options with every level.
  5. A wealth of choices in every situation, so that you never feel hemmed in, or like you’ve got nothing to offer.

At the moment, only the core rules for L&W are available, but they are available for free right here! Just click this link:

L&W Rulebook – December 2019

And here are a few other documents to accompany those rules:

  • L&W Character Sheet (Summer 2019), designed in the hopes of making it easy to create player characters and keep track of what they can do in any given situation, without having to regularly consult the rulebook.
  • L&W Readiness Track (Summer 2019), to help everyone keep track of the order in which characters get to act in a given combat situation.
  • L&W Action Point Tracks (Summer 2019), to help both players and game runners keep track of what a character can do in a given turn of combat.
  • L&W Encounter Sheets (2019), designed to help game runners organize their notes concerning encounters, including simplified character sheets for enemies and other non-player characters, as well as spaces in which to sketch maps and describe environments.


If you’re interested, keep checking this site for intermittent updates, such as additions to the rules, tips for game runners, campaign modules, expansions to character creation options and to the combat system, a bestiary, etcetera. For the moment, L&W is just one individual’s labour of love, but that individual has big plans for it, and he’s excited to keep chipping away at them. Not sure why he’s talking about himself in the third person right now, though. Or why he can’t seem to stop. Hm.

Local & Weird was first created by Nicolas Carrier in December of 2014, and is still very much in development. The version of its rules currently available was finalized in December of 2019. The illustration for L&W on this site is by Meghan Lands.


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