On Danger Grove’s latest album, there’s a track titled “Obélix et Idéfix” on which I croon a bilingual guest verse about one or more of the anxieties I have in common with one of my best friends and favourite rappers, Rap Legend Jesse Dangerously, over a beautifully bleeping beat by the lovely, talented and enigmatic Lizard Grove.

The album in question is WANT, FOR NOTHING, out now on Coax Records, decked out in spectacular illustrations by Meghan Lands. It’s a gorgeous, heartbreaker of an album with some genuinely hilarious moments in it, and I can’t recommend it highly enough, except maybe for the aforementioned bit in the middle of that one track… I did my best, folks, honest!

Find WANT, FOR NOTHING on various platform right here!

Danger Grove Want for Nothing cover

I don’t make a lot of music these days, and it’s always been a bit of a side hustle to a side hustle for me, but I’m always happy to collaborate with Jesse whenever we’re both able to make it happen. Working with him has been one of the creative high points of my life so far, and hopefully not the last one of that sort.

Anyway, if you found your way here thanks to that collaboration, I hope you’re curious enough to check out what else I’ve been working on! I don’t pretend to be nearly as talented in anything I do as Jesse is at rap, but a lot of the same values that have inspired his work have also inspired mine. So yeah, if you like your hiphop especially nerdy, progressive, inclusive and kind, made with a love of intricacy, humour and high-concept weirdness, then I’ve got a a novela tabletop roleplaying game, and a cooperative card game you should really check out!

Either way, here’s a cute video of a performance Jesse and I did as part of one of many little livingroom shows we did several years back. The video was taken by Jeff Ngan (that’s him in the corner) at his place. I’m the one in the back making silly noises into a looper, wiggling my butt, and helpfully reminding Jesse of his own dang lyrics.

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