As a hobby, I’ve been casually and gradually documenting as much street art as I possibly can in Montréal/Tio’tia:ke. It’s not something that’s related to any of my creative endeavours, but it’s something I like to do and share, so I’m including it here. You can find me at Outdoor.Arthunt on Instagram. Enjoy!

Also, quick sidenote: if you notice that I’ve been sharing images by artists that you know (first or second hand) are rotten pieces of garbage (creeps, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, abusive or worse), please don’t hesitate to let me know so that I can stop sharing their stuff. I barely know anyone in the street art scene personally, and I hate the idea of accidentally promoting someone who is using their platform/renown as an artist to do bad things, like spread toxic ideas or abuse the trust of fans.

If you pass on information of this nature, I won’t question, challenge or doubt you. I also won’t pass the tip along, and I’ll never mention to anyone that we spoke about it; I’ll just quietly stop posting work by that artist and then very gradually take pics of their work off of my account. I’m not looking to stir up a shit storm; I just don’t want to do anything that benefits bad folks, however passively or accidentally.

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