Smash the Patriarchy is a cooperative card game and feminist icebreaker designed by Emily Comeau and myself, Nicolas Carrier. It involves teaming up with your friends to find remedies to any number of the irritating and dispiriting micro-aggressions altogether too common in our raging garbage fire of a society. Work as a team to put together just the right mix of Activism, Solidarity, Self-Care, Inspiration and/or Misandry to save the day, all while having a good laugh and enjoying a well-deserved chance to vent and commiserate.

Click here to download the free printout of SMASH THE PATRIARCHY!

StP is currently available for free as a google doc that can be printed out and cut up into cards, along with a free copy of the rules. Once we’ve finished tweaking the content, design and mechanics a little bit, however, you can expect us to release a professionally-manufactured version of the game for purchase online. In the meantime, if you want to try out the free version of the game and share your experiences with it, come find us on Facebook! We’d love your feedback, and some pics of your favourite hands of StP so far!

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